West Meets East

30 day photo challenge: Favorite food

Day 1 of the Gratitude Photo Challenge today's photo challenge was "favorite food". I am not so sure that conversation hearts are my favorite food every day but today is Valentine's day and Josh brought these back from the U.S. two weeks ago. I can not remember the last Valentine's day that we had Conversation hearts so they were definitely my favorite thing today and you better believe that they were the favorite food of my 3 little valentine's!

30 day Photography challenge here I come!

So, we are 5 days from departing for sunny Thailand and I am really excited to be in an environment that always inspires my photography. I love sun. . . I love sand. . . I love water. . . I love sun with sand and water. It does something for my soul and the creative part of me thrives in this kind of environment. So, I am going to start here today in every day life and carry it over to Thailand when we go. I'm using a 30 day Photo Challenge on Gratitude. :) So, the theme is things I am grateful for. My hope and prayer is that focusing on what I am grateful for will help to cultivate a thankful, grateful and joyful heart in the midst of a season of trials and trying circumstances.