West Meets East

Looking for "light"

We have this extremely quirky lightbulb in our entrance. It's a sensor light, so if you clap, stomp, etc it goes on.  Except that it is SO dull that it barely gives enough light to see where you are going.  I've had a love/hate relationship with this lightbulb for the last (almost) 3 years we've lived in this place.  Because of the lack of "light" it drives me nuts - and is a little scary at night when there is just a creepy feeling to come in with such little light. . . but the nights it does NOT turn on at all for whatever reason. . . is when I really love/hate it.  You can stomp, clap, dance around and there is no light at all and then I remember how much I LOVE it when it is on and despise it's finicky nature.  Tonight it turned on and instead of being disgusted by the limited light it gave out, I stomped my foot to make it come on and said a short and simple prayer of thankfulness for this quirky lighting situation. :)