West Meets East

An orthopedic "marriage" moment

The man in the long white coat, looked right at my husband and then at me. He nodded his head, "Sure." and my husband stood up and walked across the room. The first time he had taken a single step in over 6 weeks. Although 6 weeks time was sufficient for a bone to heal, something about seeing him come into the doctor's office using crutches and then walk across the room with only a slight limp seemed as if I had just witnessed a miracle.

He walked across the room and then he turned and looked at me. "Feels good. . ." as his eyes met mine he trailed off. I start thinking back over the x rays and the decisions and the surgery and the last 6 weeks of exhaustion. I have slipped deep into thought as he and Dr. Yin discussed physical therapy and how long before he can run and range of motion and a host of other related topics. I over hear, "You know, I couldn't have made it through all of this without her." and then I teared up. I hear him telling the doctor this kind of thing and I'm blushing. Embarrassed. Embarrassed not so much because of the words he is saying but by how untrue I know them to be.

The depth of the heart can not lie.

But I have also been married long enough to this amazing man to know that he does not lie. He sincerely feels this way and I am baffled and grateful that he is my husband. Thankful that he is my friend. Thankful that he chooses to remember the acts of kindness over the last 6 weeks and not the tears of exhaustion or moments of frustration. Then I realize that maybe I did witness a "real" miracle today. But it wasn't the broken bone being made whole but it was the extension of grace and a redeeming moment in this whole orthopedic ordeal. The Lord is redeeming the pain, the exhaustion and this trial by re-calcifying a part of our relationship and marriage.

Re calcification is the restoration of calcium to decalcified tissues (as in bones or blood). In rebuilding a bone, the body deposits calcium in the site of the fracture or break and this calcium deposit is what heals the bone, it fills in the gaps. The calcium and new bone is soft at first but over time it gets harder and harder, making the bone (some say) stronger than what it was before the fracture. We have not been having "marriage problems" but doesn't every marriage have "problems" from time to time? We are approaching our 11th year wedding anniversary and the trials that the last year has held have been greater than I would have planned but I see redemption when I see how it has grown patience and love and tenderness in us towards one another. It has re-grown love and affection where we didn't even know it was lacking. The recalcifying of our love, our grace towards one another and our forgiveness of each others faults and flaws has got to be just a few of the redeeming things to come out of our last year.
Who knew when all of this began that our surgical bills would pay for a metal plate, 7 screws, 6 x rays and an orthopedic marriage moment?

So, as we WALKED out of the ortho's office yesterday, holding hands and laughing at how bizarre it felt to walk out after so many days and weeks of not walking. . . I had to stop and thank God for his grace in all of this!

I am from. . . a tribute to my childhood and my mom who raised me

I am from. . .

I am from dusty dirt roads in the heat of summer that catch your breath as if on a rollercoaster and I’m from those angelic white fields filled with daisies to be braided into princess tiaras like my Granny taught me.

From the old Maytag washing machine swishing loudly in the kitchen and the smell of fresh linen hanging on the line.

I am from the old yellow farmhouse down at the end of that long driveway with the big oak climbing tree whose limbs reached up, up, up to the sky. . . and whose roots sank deep, deep down cradling still my favorite dog.

From those beautiful wood floors that creaked sometimes and hold a million memories and secrets even still.

I am from the lilac scented spring air, the wild rose bushes that cried out “home” by that old front porch and whose limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from summertime dips in the lake and on a whim“let’s go fishin”, and we did.

I’m from that old red pick up truck that used to haul 6 silly kids in the truck bed bumping around all over those dusty back roads in those lazy days of summer.

I’m from Gramps and Granny and an old church built up north with his own hands.

I’m from popsicle summers and deep freeze winters.

I’m from pulling weeds in the hot summer sun and the “pop” of a jar sealing in the fall.

I’m from “actions speak louder than words”, “give it your best”, and “I love you”, whispered every night.

From “it’s okay to make mistakes, but don’t make the same one twice.” I’m from “respect is earned” but “trust can be broken” . . . I’m from forgiveness is REAL and let bygones be bygones.

I’m from back roads and fresh air and front porch thinking late at night. I’m from rural Minnesota, otherwise knows as God’s Country.

I’m from a little country church and worship music that touches your soul.

From people who love God and believe Him when life is hard.

I’m from popcorn on family movie nights, sloppy joes and deep, deep fried French fries. I’m from bottled coke and sun tea and ice cold lemonade.

I’m from home made bread made from scratch with steamy hot chocolate and sticky marshmallows after a winter snow day.

I’m from hard hours of chopping trees, stacking wood and stocking the woodstove at 2am.

I’m from a broken home that God made whole again.

From the hard work of a woman my children call Nana

Whose labor was in love and who chose to get up every day and do the right things as a mom day after day after day making the days of right living grow into years and years of right living.

I’m from this woman who let me see that a woman’s strength is beautiful and could be woven together with beauty and creativity.

I’m from a woman whom I’m proud to call my mom and whose strength lives in my own heart.

I’m from a God of second chances who has redeemed this life He’s given me and who redeems each and every day.

I’m from a lifetime of memories behind me and a lifetime of memories still before me.

I’m from not wanting to miss a single one!

(inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon