West Meets East

We live in Asia and found this amazing field of flowers in a park next to us.  There is no time change here so in the spring the sun is up at 4:30-5 am.  So, my kids are too.  We decided to go out for donuts and coffee at the only donut shop we knew of but it didn't open until 8am.  So, we got set to go and stopped with camera at t his field I had been hoping to catch in the morning hours.  The sun came through the trees at the edge of the field and shown on Abby like a spotlight.  At first I didn't think any of these would turn out but I brightened this one up and I don't mind the bright sun look on her face. I think it adds to the shot.
Sending this one off for the Rock the Shot: sun flare challenge see over here for more beautiful sunflare attempts:  www.rocktheshotforum.com

Photo Challenge Submission
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You can't beat the colorful candy throwing clowns at the local parade/carnival according to my kiddo!  This pair were especially generous in their tossing of tootsie rolls.  The kids had a blast!   Entering this pic in a "SUMMER FUN" iheartfaces.com photo submission because how can you not heart these faces!