West Meets East

Wool Socks and Long Underwear

As long as I live here, I will never get used to having to wear wool socks and long underwear at the end of March. Here, the buildings are made out of concrete. . . all concrete. So, they are difficult to heat and have them stay warm. The "cold" factor is magnified by the fact that we are given 4 months of heat each year. The government regulates when the heat is turned on (usually Nov 15th) and when it is turned off (March 15th). Every once in a while, in the case of a winter snow storm (which hardly ever happens here) they will have pity on the "common folk" and turn it on early or turn it off late. So, even though it might be 52 degrees (f) outside today, I was able to see my breath in my kitchen when I woke up this morning and the house doesn't "feel" like it has warmed up at all. I'm pretty sure that it is actually warmer outside than it is inside my house. All in all, it's not really that big of a deal, but it's "different" to not be able to control how warm my house is or isn't. So, we will put our wool socks and long underwear on this morning and we'll take them off BEFORE we go outside today. All in the name of a "cold" spring day!

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