West Meets East

Happy Mother's Day to my own Mom

I hang up the phone and brush away a tear that is slipping down my cheek.  So many miles between us and still she knows just what to say.  My husband and I live half way around the world from our families in what can seem like a lifetime away sometimes.  Our life journey has taken us to live in Asia for the last 10+ years although our families of origin live in the Midwest.  We travel back and forth to visit and connect and we try to pack in as much “living” as we can and make as many memories as we can in the short stints back to our home country to see our families but the time has inevitably brought distance in our relationships and yet one call home and I can feel just as “known” as I did during those late night talks when I was a teenager. 

Somehow my mom has an ability to “read my heart” and understand what I’m saying and what I’m not saying. She has this tremendous ability to listen with her ears, her mind AND her heart all at the same time.  This gift of listening and KNOWING my heart after all of these years and after all of these days of living apart from one another has truly been a gift to me. It’s created a desire to be that kind of a wife, friend, sister and mom to my own children and it’s created a desire to see past what someone says or how they say it to what their heart is really saying or attempting to communicate.   I am so grateful for this opportunity to say thank you to my mom on Mother’s day for her value in hearing and understanding my heart.  Thank you Mom on this 2012 Mother’s Day.  

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