West Meets East

Five Minute Friday Here. Here I feel “love”. Here in the warm snuggles on my bed with 2 little munchkins wrapped in my arms on either side of me and halfway through our second Magic Tree House book for today. It’s in their embraces that I feel it. It is here in bedtime prayers and whispered stories of silly monkeys in coconut trees. Right here as I am encircled with her giggles and pleads for one more story or one more song or one more drink of water as I turn out the light. It is in her voice that I hear it. Here, embraced with his sweet smile and tight hugs and it is here I see love in his first word written in the rainbow colored pencil M-O-M, as he beams of pride for creating beauty and for figuring out how to spell my name all on his own. Here I see love in his eyes, in his creation and in his smile. Here I see it. Here, I smell “love” as I wrap him up in his bath towel and even though he tells me he is a “big boy”, my 2 year old baby is still my baby and the smell of squeaky clean mixed with the downy smell of my towels will always remind me and bring me to love. It is here that I smell the sweetness of love. Here, the house is silent and I taste love in the familiar and gentle kiss of my husband as we turn out the light. It is here that I taste it. It is here. . . in my home. . . in my family. . . that I know love. Right here. Right here I know it more deeply than anything I’ve ever known before. Here.

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  1. Lovely! I have been missing those sweet little moments, those that make up the here-and-now. You captured so beautifully what I pray to return to - here. Not the past, not the future, but here, with my family, savoring those sweet little moments.

    Coming by from FMF. This is my first time posting and linking up, and I enjoyed getting to see your heart. Have a great weekend!