West Meets East

Welcome - pitter patter of little feet

Five Minute Friday
A tiny ray of light sneaks it’s way through the curtain illuminating a  portion of my bedroom.  I squeeze my eyes tight, snuggle under the covers and into the cradle of my husbands embrace a little bit more and think to myself how good sleeping in my own bed feels.  I have been away for a week and having just returned home at midnight just 6 hours earlier, I’m grateful for these 6 hours of jet lagged sleep before my 1st day home begins.  A few minutes later I hear the sound of bare feet hopping out of bed and the pitter patter of tiny feet coming down the hall as they cover the distance of the last week and the 100 meters between his tiny preschooler sized bed and mine.  He leaps up onto my bed in a single bound throwing his tiny 5 year old super boy body completely into this hug, wrapping his arms around my neck and after a few minutes of complete silence he says, “You are the most amazing thing I’ve seen all week long!”  and my heart melts right here.  I hear more pitter patters of feet and a tinier  face emerges with squeals of “MOMMY! I want up on your bed too!” More hugs and kisses  and immediately I feel welcomed home by all of my boys and I know clearly and deeply that I am loved. 


  1. Hugs and kisses from family. What a great welcome home. Found you on FMF. :)

  2. Tammy,

    What a heart-warming story. I'm sure the anticipation of your welcomed homecoming (and it exceeding your expectation) made the trip away worth it.