West Meets East

When Love Came Down

2000 years ago, "love" came down in the shape of a tiny baby wrapped in swaddling cloths.  The sound of love likely pierced the night in the voice of a young woman named Mary as she cried out, bore down, pushed and love could barely be heard in the tiny breath of air and perhaps in the sound of a newborn cry as he slipped out to breath his first breath of earthly air.  She, the chosen one to bear this child was probably scared, and confused about God's plan for her and for this baby she had carried and just bore.  Why her? Why here in this dirty, filthy place? Why so many days journey from her own family, from her own mother who would have been by her side during this labor and delivery?  But "Love" looked at her and she looked at HIM and her mother's heart bonded and stored and treasured every moment in her heart just like my mother's heart has stored up the sweet birthing moments of my own three children.  Love came down 2000 years ago and my prayer is to not only experience and receive that love but to pass it on to others this Christmas season too.

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