West Meets East

Rest. . .

Five Minute Friday
I become the spoon and he the dish
and I lay down my head in deep need of some rest.

The days they all blur in the chaos of life
and I forget to count my blessings instead of the trials and the strife.

It's this laying down of my burdens as I lay down my head
then counting the gifts together as we lay on the bed

And curling up beside the love of my life
and telling him how thankful I am to be his wife.

Oh there are days I am wicked - how I wish I were not.
I yell or I scream and sometimes put him on the spot.

Then the guilt and the condemning voices I hear,
scream like a siren in both of my ears.

But here in the dark curled into his arm,
I remember our vows and I take no alarm.

Then he says them these words that silence the beast-
There is no condemnation - not even the least.

So, I snuggle in closer, the spoon I will be,
but in this marriage bed is not 2, but counting Jesus - there is three.


  1. Just lovely! I wrote for FMF for the first time tonight, and I assuredly wasn't doing any rhyming! :)

  2. Thank you Amanda! I'm heading over to your blog right now. Thanks for stopping!

  3. Hopping over from FMF. I loved reading your post about Thailand. I spent a month there a few years ago and relate to the days by the beach and all the fresh fruit.

    Have a blessed week,