West Meets East

Rhythm in Life

Five Minute Friday

He makes me coffee and listens to my worries
I pop the popcorn and make him home made McFlurries.

He gets up with the sun.  I turn in early for him.
I laugh at his jokes and he kisses my chin.

He sends me out for my daily run
And I try to make his birthday a ton of fun.

I set up a game night for he and his friends
It’s the little things upon which our marriage depends.

He works hard but still makes time for us.
He is patient and kind and doesn’t force me to rush

He heads out the door with a two second kiss
It takes time every day to find marital bliss

There is a rhythm that comes when you share your life.
This dance we dance as husband and wife.

He the saver and I the spender.
Yet his love is wild and gentle and tender

Sometimes giving or taking and sometimes receiving
Training the mind and the heart in what it’s believing.

He is a gift to me, God clearly says so in His word!
He is a prayer that I prayed, and that God has answered.

So day by day our song plays on
Some days soft and some days strong, but it plays my friends as sure as the dawn.

This rhythm of sharing a marital life
Is treasured by this happily married wife.


  1. Nice piece on what it takes for a marriage to work ... the rhythm of give and take and respect for each other.

  2. What a fabulous poem. So many truths of marriage here and a beautiful way to honor your husband!

  3. Beautiful! Good job--loved this. Coming here from FMF.