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Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching and we are beginning to prepare for it like we prepare for Christmas. Certain foods should be eaten, certain things done prior to the celebration (hair cuts, new winter clothes, etc) This year the kids and I are learning how to "bao jiao zi" which means stuffing the dumplings. Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food eaten all throughout the year but are well known to be eaten on Chun Jie eve. The kids and I made 2 kinds with our Chinese friend/helper the other day and we ate half and are saving half to be eaten on CHU YI, the first night of Chun Jie. Josh will not be back from his trip to the states until the next day which is too bad. He'll miss the barrage of fireworks at midnight on CHU YI. You are supposed to eat jiao zi at midnight on that first night - so the kids and I are fully loaded with egg and chive dumplings and pork and carrot dumplings. We are still a little more than a week out from the start of this 15 day holiday/celebration but some of the fireworks have already begun. Stay posted, I will post some video of the crazy fireworks we see out our windows on Chu yi as well as other fun cultural things that we get to be apart of because we live in this amazing place.

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