West Meets East

The memory is Enough. . . for today

I feel his 4 year old little hands tugging at my pillow and as I squeak open my sleep ridden eyes, I am greeted by his, “Mom, is this rock beautiful?”  I rub my eyes a bit and sit half way up to see what is 2 centimeters from my eyes, “Yes, buddy. It is beautiful.”
Yesterday we went with some friends to a new wilderness park and while the other kids played in a sand pile and raced on new trails, he had occupied himself with finding new rocks for his rock collection.
“No, Mom, I mean is it really, really beautiful?” I sit up and he hands me his prized rock from yesterday. . . the rock that has been washed and dried and washed and dried and polished until it shines to me. "It's special. . . for you." was his reply and he gave it to me with enough sparkle in his eyes to melt my heart into a puddle.  Someday he will give some other girl a sparkly "rock" as a token of his love and the sparkle in his eyes will be enough to seal that special memory into her heart forever too and she'll wear that sparkly rock on her finger with love and devotion. . . but for today. . .my sparkly rock is proudly displayed on my dining room table and the memory of my little 4 year olds gift of love is enough for today.

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