West Meets East

First Week of Homeschool for the 2015 School Year Victory!

We are going to do a little VLOGGING with this blog as a way of remembering what we learn and love about homeschool each week!  I wish I would have done this from the time Abby was a  preschooler but I was inspired by an art teacher who does this with his family as a way of "slowing down time" to be able to look back and see how much we have all grown and changed.  The kids are excited and I think it makes a nice "cap" to our school week!  We originally wanted to post it on the kids blog but theirs will not allow videos or maybe it's videos this large to be posted (safety feature) so we will use my blog for this and maybe link to mine from theirs?  But anywho. . . we are off to enjoy our weekend and we hope you enjoy yours too!

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