West Meets East

So here we go.  It's been a long time since I have sat down and wrote anything.  Life has been filled with homeschool, dishes, laundry and trying to create some time for spending with my kiddos and husband as mom and not just as teacher.  Phew! How in the world do I make time for all of the things that I need to and the things that breath life into my heart and soul (such as writing)?   I really want to find the space for it because it feeds my heart, my vision and my soul.  This year I also took on a 365/ or 52 week photo project and I guess that's what I have poured myself into so far.  Maybe I will combine the photos and writing together and see what happens on this blog.  But I have decided that I will shame myself no more and embrace how often I have time to visit this blog and enjoy the moments that I do show up here.  It's a joy giving and joy receiving endeavor and I just need to embrace and accept it just as it is. . . accept and embrace my own limitations just as they are.  So here goes. . .

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