West Meets East

I'll Ask My Mother. . .

Well, today my standard line of "I'll have to ask my mother about that. . ." did not work to fend off 4. .. count them 1. . .2 .. . 3. . .4 Chinese grandmothers who were ready to have my hung for taking Levi outside. Let me paint the picture for you. It was 57 degrees outside, sunny with a light breeze. I was wearing jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a spring jacket and was sweating a little bit when in the sun. Hudson desperately needed to get outside this morning for some fresh air and run around time. It was Levi's nap time, so I packed him up in his winter snowsuit and put him in the baby carrier that buckles into my sit and stand stroller. He was NOT cold. I'm positive of that. In fact, he was cooing and smiling at me until he fell asleep. One of the little old ladies came over to see him and smiled before squinting her eyes at me and in an accusatory voice told me I was really not smart for taking such a little baby outside. Then she yells at another one to come and see the "foreigner with a baby! She has him outside. .. he is way too small to be outside." To which they then both call another old lady over and this continued until 4 old ladies and one old man were all gathered around my stroller. I was blocked in and they wouldn't let me leave. I started by thanking them for their concern and that I was sure he was old enough to be outside, just please don't touch him. I want to protect him from germs. They went on and on and on. Most of which I could understand, but a lot I couldn't. They were so angry at me. . . I just kept trying to escape the situation. I finally moved my stroller away and closer to where Hudson was kicking his soccer ball around. They followed me! They told me that I needed to have him in the sun and that he was not warm enough over here in the shade. I started to explain that he shouldn't be in the sun for too long because his skin is really sensitive and could get burned and then I realized they were not listening. They were too busy talking about me to each other to listen. I was providing them with entertainment today so I finally said that I would ask my mom about that because she is in her 50's and raised 3 kids and is a nurse and. . . and the truth is they did not care. I finally told them very directly to leave me and my boys alone today. We are trying to get some fresh air and exercise and they were interupting me from enjoying this time. How is that for majorly direct? Well. . . I figured if they were going to be so direct towards me, they wouldn't be offended by my being direct towards them. I could at least be honest. It actually didn't deter them. 2 of them stayed and kept talking to me about how cold it must be for the baby. I just ignored them. I kicked the ball around with Hudson and didn't look at them even though they stayed right nearby. We stayed until Hudson wanted to leave and I was SO relieved when he finally was done and ready to find another place to play! Not an everyday occurance I hope and pray!

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  1. Wow! That must have been so overwhelming!! I'm not looking forward to that, when it happens, which I know it will!!! Sometimes I'm thankful that I can't understand what all they are saying. Sorry, friend!