West Meets East

The price of Kix :)

Last night I went to the grocery store (the import one) for some western groceries. I was looking at the cereal aisle which would look skimpy in America but which actually has quite a few selections considering where I live and that they really don't typically eat cereal for breakfast - thus- there are very few Chinese options here. (so they are all imported) I had never seen a box of Kix cereal here before and there was one box on the way tip top shelf. I reached up to pull it down and saw the price tag as I was pulling it down from the shelf. $8.65 for a normal size box. Is that insane or what?! I have not bought Kix in the states (maybe not ever) in a long time, if ever. . . so I don't know what the comparison is but I'm thinking it is at least double the price right? If you live in the United States and can shed light for me on the cost of a normal (not family sized) box of Kix is I would love it!

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