West Meets East

My $1.47 Playground!

This week I was ELATED to find a playground that is just a short 5 min drive from my house. And once again found myself thankful for our car! Without it, I would not be able to explore this area with 3 kids in tote and would not have found this playground. I was reminded of how last summer we went back to the U.S. for a few months and how I had a blast watching my kids "catch" up on physical playground skills. Things that they hadn't had access to here, they were catching up to their peers (without any problems). It took Abby 2 tries to master the monkey bars - which she was incredibly proud of! Then I was sort of sad thinking about what they do not have being raised here in Asia. So, when I found this playground early this week, I didn't think twice about paying $1.47 per kid to get in and for the kids to play for an hour or so, until a friend posted on facebook about how playgrounds are free in the U.S. Hmmm. . .. that's right! Not only does the U.S. have lots of playgrounds (pubic playgrounds and school playgrounds) but they are both free to the publics use (the school ones are when school is not in session anyway). Here, it is not so. But I am thankful for our $1.47 playground and we will go back weekly I think!


  1. Yeah!! I think it would be worth any amount to be able to play! We thank you for all your big sacrifices that you all make daily to abide in Him. For me the hardest thing would be no baby Gap:) lol:)

  2. You are cute! no baby Gap. . . but the markets have baby Gap stuff. You would LOVE the San Lit Tun market now! :) You should come visit again and check it out! :)