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A Birthday fit for an Olympian

Well, it is SO hard to believe that 5 years ago my baby boy was brought into this world! I still remember how his eyes were the color of a Colorado blue summer sky and how he slept 6 and a half hours that first night and never once has he slept less than that in a night - not even when jet lagged. MY what a gift that has been to this mama who does not do well when extremely sleep deprived. I will never forget how he discovered twizzlers shortly after turning 1 and how they are one of his favorites or how when he was 2 I found him climbing up on top of a huge cabinet - right on up the side and how as I walked into the room he said "Look mama - I spiderman." I will never forget how tender and sweet he was and is with his little brother or how he taught himself to ride a 2 wheel bike at the age of 3 and a half. I will not forget his strong, healthy hugs and how he has loved to snuggle up with a book on my lap since the time he was barely walking. I will never forget how difficult it is to keep clothes on him all day long - why the boy loves to be naked or half naked, I will never understand. I will not forget how he streaked through the hallway completely naked and threw himself down in a crucifixion pose and ordered his sister to "crucify him quick before mom comes and stops it". . . or how he loves to "get the bad guys" and sometimes likes to "be the bad guy". I will never forget the intensity of which he does life or the gentleness with which he uses with little ones. I will never forget how he would streak around without clothes on and when I asked him to put clothes on he insisted that he had put clothes on - the kind of clothes an ancient man would wear since he was pretending to be an ancient man on that day. I hope he never loses his love for people and his bright shiny smile. He can make someone feel loved and cared for faster than anyone else in the world I'm pretty sure. I love how he loves to wrestle with his dad on the floor at night and then crawls up into my lap to tell me how much he loves me. It's the day after his birthday and he celebrated in true Hudson form - wiped himself out completely! He fell asleep tonight at 6:15 after celebrating his birthday like an Olympic hero! Explanations of the pictures will follow.
He LOVES diving and looking for the rings under the water. It has become one of his favorite things to do this summer so it was fitting to make it a part of his birthday party "olympic game theme". He had SO much fun!
This was his birthday cupcake tray and an attempted group photo with his guests still swimming right behind him. We've had a sugar free summer - which in my book was AWESOME but in his book - not so much. So, when he saw the cupcakes he could not WAIT to have one, or two or three!!! (sugar free summer has backfired on me I guess) but the funny part of this picture is that he is looking a the cupcakes, not at me and his little brother is also somewhat obsessed with the cupcakes by this point in the party and is trying to swipe one right in the middle of our photo shoot! ha!
This was the "wacky jump/dive" competition. Yep - he is ALL boy!
A close up of what he was drooling over all afternoon.
and then a close up of the drool! :)
Even Levi got into the rings and "diving". Fun had by all.
And the favorite present was. . . . (drum roll please) An iron man action figure, a gold medal and picture of an Olympic athlete (he slept with both of these gifts), and a new big boy silver scooter! My little guy is 5!!! How did that time go by so quickly?!

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