West Meets East

Our Homeschool Year Has Officially Begun

Today was the Hunt's Homeschool Open House day. The kids started their Open House/ get familiar with the classroom, materials, teachers, rules, behavioral management system day with their morning phy. ed class led by their awesome dad! They got to explore the homeschool room, their materials, practice rotating through their centers, color a special paper, participate in a little rhythm/music class and start our Five in a Row book of the week. We finished the day with some read out loud time with an amazing book that is like a modern day "Little House on the Prairie" book. It's written by a New Zealand author and titled "Where the Lions Roar at Night". The kids LOVE this book. Even the 2 year old was begging me for "just one more chapter".
Abby using one of our math center kits - geometric shapes on felt during our "center time"
This is a picture of our new behavioral management system - found on pinterest of course. The kids work their way up the ladder and we have a special prize box they are especially looking forward to earning prizes from! The best part about this system is that I can keep it positive. We move up for the positive a LOT and I am hoping that we don't spend a lot of time on the bottom 2 rungs!!!
Hudson really enjoyed exploring our "center kits" during center time and especially loved the fine motor skill center activity of sewing his dinosaurs!! He was SO proud that he learned to sew today! Well, tomorrow is our "first day of school". I'll take pictures and try to keep the blog updated in the days to come. First day of school photos are taking place tomorrow and "A day in the life" photos will happen next week once our routine is a bit more in place. And a few more pictures of our school room will come later too! Happy New School year to you and yours!

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